Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So today the shoe finally dropped. Hyatt has decided to close the Dorado Beach Hotel after 35 years of service. As of May 31st over 800 employees will be without a job. Sadly I am one of them.

If you don’t know my day job is as a driver for Dorado Tours the official transportation for the hotel. Yeah I drive tourists and give tours. Since Dorado is closing hence its eliminating the companies source of income basically giving a crushing blow to our income.

So by the end of May I will have little if not any work.

Now im actually cool with this. I was planning on moving to New York anyway. All this does is make things tighter. Making me pinch my pennies and what not.

So in order to relive some of the pressure and guarantee that the book stays on schedule I have decided to sell some of my things to raise money for the Heroes Rebored fund.

Here are the links to the auctions

Jean Grey

Tom Beland Orginal Art

Angel DVD's

Spread the word to anyone who is interested or if you want bid on them yourself. Dont worry if life was easy then it would also be pretty boring.


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