Monday, March 06, 2006

Episode 5

Episode 5

To make up for our tardiness, we decided to update early this week. In this groovy episode...

Charlie talks about his comic.

Spotlight on the retailer! David interviews Dominique owner and operator of Visual Arts which is located at..

68 Condado Ave. Street #3
San Juan, PR 00907

Which has a great selection of European Comics! And other goodies! You can always contact the store at (787)720-1240 or send Dominique an e-mail at

We also have an insightfull interview with looney tune comic artist and Yenny creator David Alvarez. Dave sits down with Alvarez to talk about publishing, reaching an audience and his early days as a struggling artist.

And finally the guys geek out over the Ultimate Avengers cartoon and mourn wasted time on bad Hollywood comic book adaptations....


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