Sunday, February 18, 2007

Comic Makers Episode 32!! Its time for some theater!

Episode 32

More and More Reviews! This time Becky and David give their thoughts on...

American Virgin
by Steven T. Seagle and Becky Coonan

Boneyard by Richard Moore

Unlucky by Matthew E. Hawkins (no relation)

Husky by Tony Consiglio and Alex Robinson

Matching Jackets by Robyn Chapman

Hollow Girl by Dean Francis Alfar and Jeremy Arambulo

Animal Stew by Matt Dembicki

And Becky and David get some theater by seeing Kryptonite Hearts written by Charles Battersby and also starring Stephanie Bush, Philip Emeott, Jason Griffith, Dan Hernandez, Walter Hoffman Lizzie Pepper, Lauren Strachan, Marissa Tiamfook, and Jere Williams.


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