Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What is....

Simply put Heroes Rebored is the story of group of super people dealing with human issues. It’s Seinfeld meets Marvel Comics. Its my tribute to the classic comics I used to read back when I was a 10 year old trading them with the neighborhood kids. It will give back to the love of comics that I think is lost now a days.

Heroes Rebored wont focus on a core group of super people but will rotate between heroes, civilians and even bad guys. Some issues will be pure fiction and some will have nuggets of real life experiences carefully concealed. In fact the reason this all came about was to vent my frustration of trying to break into the comics industry and being confined to the universe of self publishers. It came from my frustration of seeing my favorite comic book characters getting their brains blown out in full gory details. It came from seeing women in comics being shoved into a refrigerators. It came from experiencing subtle racial segregation in the comic field. But instead of turning that frustration into something negative, I’ve decided to turn it into something positive.

In the coming months this blog will serve as a documentation of the birth of a comic book. From paper to small press to maybe even more. So if you give me the opportunity, I would very much like to take you on a trip to a time that I think we all shared of pure enjoyment.


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