Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spotlight on the artist....

Name: Carlos "Charlie" Mangual
Day Job: Graphic Artist
Current Favorite Artist: Ivan Reis (Action Comics, Ran Thanagar War)
Top 3 Clasic Favorite: Robert Crumb, Terry Moore, Mike Parobeck
First Comic Ever Purchased: Batman Secret Origin Special (1989)
Last CD you enjoyed: Franz Ferdinand
Turn On's: Leather and whip
Turn Off's: Annoying Interview Questions
Favorite Curse Word: Read the shirt.
What annoys you in the current comic book scene: The constant rise of paper cost, causing the rise in comic prices.
Favorite movie while penciling: Any movie while the commentary is on.
Favorite Childhood Cartoon: Thundercats & G.I Joe
Goals for the future: To continue publishing and be successful as a graphic designer


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