Tuesday, February 07, 2006

First show in the can!

Last night we wrapped up the first show. Took us a while since we had to struggle with Hot Recorder and our first attempt was a disaster. But we finally overcame and wrapped it up pretty nicely although I did tend to ramble at times, in the end I'm quite content with it.

I've signed up with Dream Hosting to host my podcast. It's the same one the babes of Look at his butt! podcast use. So up to now it seems pretty good.

I'm really starting to dominate Audacity, unfortunately it wasn't until 2 hours after I had finished editing the show and deleting the original files. Ugh! So the first show will probably sound like shit.

Giddy is the only word I can use to describe my general mood, I have a podcast, I'm getting e-mail from people I really like and admire, the comic is coming together nicely. Life is good! Now if I could only get these damn links to work on this blog....


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