Monday, April 03, 2006


Okay gotcha guys! Yeah we were teasing. We are NOT going to Image, at least not yet. There where some clues for those of you who didnt get it right away.

1)Tom Beland would NEVER recomend my book. - I dont think Tom will give me a solid opinion on the book until he holds the finished product, plus Tom prefers for me to make it on my own than getting help from him. So yeah Tom actually handing Erik Larsen a SCRIPT (the man has ADD) that he himself only read half of it, not very plausible.

2)It was April 1st. - Well Duh....

But thank you all for the phone calls, comments, and forum postings. Its very nice we have your support and we are sorry we got your hopes up. But the good news is Charlie just finished the last penciled pages and Efrain is flying through the inking. We may actually be ahead of shedule. Stay tuned more Comic Makers on the way, spread the word! Send those e-mails! Stop sending me naked pictures of your grandmothers! Oh and by the way this was all Charlies idea..........


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