Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is This Still On?

So I have been thinking of bringing back Comic Makers. I still haven't made a decision to be honest with you. I honestly don't know if there would be more interest, not to mention I don't know if I could keep up a regular schedule. The reason for this is because I have started to pursue a freelance writing career. I recently interviewed Devin Grayson and if all goes well It will be featured on a famous comic website.

But I still would like to post comic related interviews and stories on this site. Not all of the interviews I do, I would be able to sell on to other websites, so it would be nice to post them for an audience. Still its been 4 years since I have been out of the field and things have changed quite a bit. Allot of podcasts have grown quite a bit and others have faded.

I don't think many people in the community still hold a grudge from my fuck ups, although we are dealing with comic fans here.

As for Charlie, hes hard at work on his comic Society's Myth and doing amazing working coloring and lettering work for other indie books. I wouldn't be surprised guys if we see Charlie start working for some big companies soon.

As for myself I am working on a few things other than freelancing. I'm hoping to roll out some new comics this year. Not to mention attending some NYC cons (Not Mocca). I promise I will be posting more on this blog soon, that's a fact.


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