Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why Comic Makers is no more...

So I felt I should update the blog with the reasons why I no longer podcast the Comic Maker show. There are lots of reasons. When I first did Comic Makers with Charlie, I honestly did not have much of a life. Like allot of comic fans I had allot of time on my hands and being a creative person I chose to make something about comics. On x-mas (yes i write it that way, you got a problem with that?) I received my first ipod and soon began exploring its cool gadgets. I stumbled upon podcasts by accident. Comic Book Geek Speak was the first show I listened to but it wasn't until I heard the I Read Comics Podcast that I was inspired to create my own podcast. I remember being in the car with my mom and listening to Lene squealing "look! shes talking about comics I like! and she doesnt sound like a freak about it!"

So I did my research and created the podcast. I wrangled Charlie into it because I just wanted an excuse to shoot the shit with him. But unfortunately Charlie got a life and he just couldn't commit to recording the show on a regular basis if at all. Then I met Becky and I reformatted the show which granted yes wound up being another review show but turned out to be allot more fun. But then Becky wound up getting work playing music on cruise ships, traveling the world.

So I decided to try it solo or do a revolving guest host thing. But I encountered a new problem. I guess I should have seen it coming, after all I was making comics and worked conventions. I did post on message boards.

It was the comic book podcasters community.

Heres the problem, allot of comic fans, especially online comic fans tend not like differences of opinions. I think allot of them tend to view the internet and conventions as some kind of excuse to act like complete asses. I swear I'm surprised that there isn't physical violence at conventions. Its like they seriously believe that once they enter that convention floor or once they turn on their computer they can be racist, sexist, smug little assholes and they wont get their faces slapped.

I can understand allot of these online fans, they live in their own little worlds, but in "the real world" they cant say what they want, maybe they cant be themselves, maybe they just don't understand social customs or maybe they just feel a lack of control. Comics will always be the same, Spider-Man is a looser, Superman is a nice boy who can be cool, Batman can beat people up, Wonder Woman has a great rack. Its the same thing week after week. In their head these are their characters.

So when someone doesn't agree with the status quo then they start to throw tantrums. This is why Lene Taylor gets so much hate, because she has bigger balls than some of these morons. She says "No thats wrong, thats sexist, thats racist, thats stupid" and in the real world she would be commended for taking a stand. But allot of online fans dont live in the real world. They dont want to change, they don't want to admit that their wrong. So they snipe at Lene on the message boards under brilliant names like Lobo or Cocksmocker57. And the comic podcasters? Oh well they would never have the balls to disagree with Lene in person or even on their shows. See that would actually take real courage and maturity of an adult. But these are comic fans folks.

I always defended Lene and championed her show. I even dedicated an entire show on just interviewing her. And guess who suddenly was attacked? Yep me. I got so many complaints from other podcasters. "Oh shes crazy, you shouldn't associate with her, I dont get her show I hear she said (insert random lie) on her show". I was pretty much snubbed in the comics podcast community. I wouldn't be invited to their events, certain podcasters wouldn't want to do cross promotion with me, and I was blocked out of a deal to get a table at NY Comic Con.

I still had a few handful of friends like Charlito and Mr.Phil from indie spinner rack or Peter Rios from Geek Speak and a few others. But allot became nervous of associating themselves with me because I was a radical and controversial. I was the Howard Stern of podcasts (pretty cool dont ya think?)

Anyway i soon got involved with school and work but when I finally figured out a way to redo the show and start up again I was once again blocked from getting a table at NY Comic Con by the community. I sent out an e-mail to a friend pretty much venting to a friend but it accidentally got sent to a list server for all the podcasters.


Man you would think I knocked up their sister with a latino kid the way these guys acted. Comic fans tend to be very melodramatic by nature but these guys were acting like the texans when Ozzie peed on the alamo. I apologize but typical fanboys they just ignored it and gave me the silent treatment.

So I thought about it and decided that you know I want a little more out of life than to be making Comic Makers. After 25 years the fever broke and I wasn't obsessed with comics anymore. I wanted to have a life. You know meet a girl, move out of the basement. I still read comics but its not a week to week thing. Im not interested in current comics. I think the Bendis Secret Invasion event was pretty fucking stupid and I could never follow the cluster fuck that is the (insert Crisis here) currently going. Even most indie comics have lost their appeal. Dear lord if I have to read another mini comic about some abstract metaphorical idea like "My head is a fish and Pirates are my legs" I will blow my fucking brains out.

I read old comics that dont involve a 20 comic crossover and actually have a beginning, middle and end IN THE SAME COMIC! Yeah I just dont care guys. I just dont fucking care. The only comic podcast I listen to is Lene and to be honest guys its the only one I can recommend. Why do you guys want to listen to a bunch of nerds sitting around a microphone saying shit like "You know in infite crisis #1 supermans cape was violet colored instead of burgundy, man what a dumbass and then in the next panel..." or listen to an interview about a creator who says shit like "Well yes even though 95% of all superheroes in our books are white, we have this one character who is a spic...er I mean mexican and so see were not racist".

Im tired. Im tired of listening to that shit. Seriously its like watching a beauty pageant, yeah they have a pretty smile but their anorexic and are legally retarded. I think I just might keep myself active blogging. Maybe if Lene is up for it, I will guest on her podcast. But as for podcasting it just too much work for little satisfaction.


At 12:44 PM, Blogger Arm Chair Guru said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've had to quit your podcast. Comic Makers was one of the first podcasts that I discovered, and I enjoyed listening to it. I've been wondering why you haven't had an episode in a long while, but now I know. I'll probably check your blog every so often, as long as you're still updateing it.

Take Care


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