Saturday, February 04, 2006

Podcast Update....

So we recorded our first podcast yesterday, it wasn’t half bad. We did ramble at times but we also had some great jokes and interesting moments. Its too bad my computer crashed at the end of it.

But don’t worry, I recently bought a book on podcasting that is pretty sweet. And I also had allot of help from my main man Charlito over at Indy Spinner Rack (Number #1 source for indy comics news, go there now and download the podcast!)

I am very confidant that our show is going to rock! Charlie was hilarious and I didn’t mumble or freak out at all. The problem happened that Hot Recorder (what I use to record Skype calls) put a strain on my laptop. I stupidly had Itunes and Trillian open as well.

Oh and I also recorded a funny little promo for the Look at his butt! podcast. I hope they like it.

Hopefully by next week we will be up and running...


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