Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Should Be On Your Shelf #50

I have decided to create a new segment here on Comic Makers called "What Should Be On Your Shelf!" Yeah I’m not happy with the title either but just go with me here. I know you, my fellow geeks and nothing gets you more rock hard than showing off your bookshelf to your jealous fan boy friends. Well that and William Shatner singing "Rocket Man!"

But hey who wouldn't?

Today I'm featuring the "Local" a hardcover from Oni Press first published in 2008.

Here's the skinny, written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Ryan Kelly, the series follows Megan a modern day hipster nomad from her teens to her late 20's as she travels around the country trying to find herself. What she is running from and what she is trying to find is slowly revealed as you read her adventures. When we think about indie comics there are no better examples than Local. What I find amazing about this book, is that not only is it beautifully drawn but you find yourself really connecting with a fictional character. Wood is an impressive writer because he finds a way to make us fall in love with a character, who when it comes down to it, is a very flawed human being. She tricks people, abandons her lovers, runs away from her family and even when the stories don’t revolved around her, her presence is felt. I'm sure I am not the first to bow to Woods abilities as a writer but I have to say "Local" is a feather in his cap and now on your shelf.

But wait lets take a minute to worship Ryan Kelly’s artistic abilities here for a minute. Because not only will you notice the staggering detail this man puts into every panel but, you may find yourself recognizing the settings Megan encounters. This is because Kelly and Wood partnered with artists from those cities to get sketches and/or photos of their neighborhood to be drawn in the book. Kelly is definitely an artist to keep an eye on, and hopefully we may see him work on more mainstream work, although you will see allot of his work being featured in DC’s Vertigo line.

Now your probably asking yourself, "Dave why should I put such a gigantic hardcover on my shelf, can’t I use this space for my Essential New Warriors trade?" My answer is first you are a sad, sad man and second think of how smart and hip you will look to have such a beautiful piece of art on your shelf. Not to mention chicks dig giant graphic novels, its like Spanish fly or so I hear, I myself have not seen a woman since 1989.

Local can appeal to a large market of comic fandom. If your strictly in the capes and tights section of comic store “Local” is definitely a nice way to explore the independent comic market. If your already into the Indie scene then Local will appeal to those sensibilities. And best of all if you or someone you know has never read comics then this is a great comic to get your feet wet. With a impressive page count of 376 and a retail price of 29.99 Local is a steal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is This Still On?

So I have been thinking of bringing back Comic Makers. I still haven't made a decision to be honest with you. I honestly don't know if there would be more interest, not to mention I don't know if I could keep up a regular schedule. The reason for this is because I have started to pursue a freelance writing career. I recently interviewed Devin Grayson and if all goes well It will be featured on a famous comic website.

But I still would like to post comic related interviews and stories on this site. Not all of the interviews I do, I would be able to sell on to other websites, so it would be nice to post them for an audience. Still its been 4 years since I have been out of the field and things have changed quite a bit. Allot of podcasts have grown quite a bit and others have faded.

I don't think many people in the community still hold a grudge from my fuck ups, although we are dealing with comic fans here.

As for Charlie, hes hard at work on his comic Society's Myth and doing amazing working coloring and lettering work for other indie books. I wouldn't be surprised guys if we see Charlie start working for some big companies soon.

As for myself I am working on a few things other than freelancing. I'm hoping to roll out some new comics this year. Not to mention attending some NYC cons (Not Mocca). I promise I will be posting more on this blog soon, that's a fact.