Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Episode 3

Episode 3

I think we have hit our stride when it comes to sound quality. Special thanks to Radio Shack for having an awesome microphone. Anyway in this episode we talk to the living legend, local comic author Angel Fuentes!

This is a great and insightful interview into the world of local comics. Be sure to check out Angel's website Santa Cristal.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Episode 2

Episode 2

Although not perfect, the sound quality is much better! In this amazing episode we talk about...

1)Podcast news
2)Reasons for starting with Mini Comics
3)The Renaissance of cartoons (specifically the 1980's to early 90's era)

As promised here is the link to


And some info of the convention via an ad thats been going around town...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Buy our crummy T-shirts.....

Yes, ladies and gentlemen we have officially sold out. We now have merchandise! So if you want to support David & Charlie then buy a t-shirt! buy a clock! hell, buy it all! Remember Moca is only 5 months away! Just click on the link in the sidebar!

Oh and I also added a link to Charlies myspace account.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Publicity, Publicity, Publicity

Well I submitted my podcast to Podcast Alley and its already at Podcast Pickle. Plus I'm hopping we will be included in the Comics Podcast Network. If anyone has any other ideas of where I could list my podcast please feel free to comment with the info.

And as you can see I also modified the blog, all by myself thanks to, borrowing some html from some other much better podcast blogs.

We should be recording a new show this week and the audio will be 10 times better since we got new microphones. Special thanks to L.T for the recommendation...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I just got this e-mail.....

iTunes Music Store Welcome

Dear Podcast Owner

Your podcast, located at your feed, has been approved. You should expect to see it in iTunes within the next few hours. When it's available, you will be able to access it with the URL below.

Click Me

If you have questions or wish to make changes to your feed, please consult the technical spec here . The spec contains detailed information about key topics like adding "cover art", changing your feed URL, and adding other helpful iTunes-specific tags to your podcast.

There is also an Apple Discussions Forum exlcusively for podcast producers, located here. If you have a question or a problem that the technical spec cannot answer, the community of iTunes podcasters may be able to provide valuable guidance.


The iTunes Music Store Team

Wow that was pretty quick...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Idiot Savant....

I swear, I have no idea what I am doing. But some how I have managed to get a RSS 2.0 feed, register at Itunes (thanks to Feed Burner) and some how activate my feed via Blogger (I think). Impressive huh? So can someone please explain to me how the hell I can accomplish something so complex when I cant even get my God damn links to work this blog?

Because I seriously cant tell you...

Oh and by the way L.T and Charlito I apologize for wasting your time with my pointless e-mails about the subject.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Episode 1

Well here it is Episode 1 just click on it to hear our very first podcast.

Sorry for the sound quality, I'm still mastering audacity but im making leaps as time goes by. Not to mention once i find some decent microphones we wont sound so bad...I hope...

Topics we talked about:

2)Our secret orgins
3)We are featured on the Gateway 73 blog
4)Superman Returns

UPDATE: I fixed the link. I actually forgot to put http:// which is why the link was not working. Dho! Muchas Gracias L.T!

Spotlight on the artist....

Name: Carlos "Charlie" Mangual
Day Job: Graphic Artist
Current Favorite Artist: Ivan Reis (Action Comics, Ran Thanagar War)
Top 3 Clasic Favorite: Robert Crumb, Terry Moore, Mike Parobeck
First Comic Ever Purchased: Batman Secret Origin Special (1989)
Last CD you enjoyed: Franz Ferdinand
Turn On's: Leather and whip
Turn Off's: Annoying Interview Questions
Favorite Curse Word: Read the shirt.
What annoys you in the current comic book scene: The constant rise of paper cost, causing the rise in comic prices.
Favorite movie while penciling: Any movie while the commentary is on.
Favorite Childhood Cartoon: Thundercats & G.I Joe
Goals for the future: To continue publishing and be successful as a graphic designer

First show in the can!

Last night we wrapped up the first show. Took us a while since we had to struggle with Hot Recorder and our first attempt was a disaster. But we finally overcame and wrapped it up pretty nicely although I did tend to ramble at times, in the end I'm quite content with it.

I've signed up with Dream Hosting to host my podcast. It's the same one the babes of Look at his butt! podcast use. So up to now it seems pretty good.

I'm really starting to dominate Audacity, unfortunately it wasn't until 2 hours after I had finished editing the show and deleting the original files. Ugh! So the first show will probably sound like shit.

Giddy is the only word I can use to describe my general mood, I have a podcast, I'm getting e-mail from people I really like and admire, the comic is coming together nicely. Life is good! Now if I could only get these damn links to work on this blog....

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Podcast Update....

So we recorded our first podcast yesterday, it wasn’t half bad. We did ramble at times but we also had some great jokes and interesting moments. Its too bad my computer crashed at the end of it.

But don’t worry, I recently bought a book on podcasting that is pretty sweet. And I also had allot of help from my main man Charlito over at Indy Spinner Rack (Number #1 source for indy comics news, go there now and download the podcast!)

I am very confidant that our show is going to rock! Charlie was hilarious and I didn’t mumble or freak out at all. The problem happened that Hot Recorder (what I use to record Skype calls) put a strain on my laptop. I stupidly had Itunes and Trillian open as well.

Oh and I also recorded a funny little promo for the Look at his butt! podcast. I hope they like it.

Hopefully by next week we will be up and running...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Cover....

Ah the cover, probably one of the single most frustrating piece of art that you will ever face while making your comic. It has to call out to the casual buyer but also represent the contents of the book. Sure it can be fun but keep in mind that you are selling a product and being a small press publisher you need to stand out against Marvel, DC, and bigger independent publishers.

Charlie first sent me this cover he was toying with at home in his spare time. I liked it since it was very retro and reminded me of the old DC Legion of Superheroes Comics. But It gave the impression that the book would be standard superhero action. Which it wont. So we rejected it...

This will probably be the cover we use, Although it will have a couple of changes. For one, Scorps gloves and Johnny's expression. But I really enjoy this cover since it sums up what the comic is about. Not to mention Charlie really captured the atmosphere with his backgrounds (look its Kirby and Lee in a comic again!).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What is....

Simply put Heroes Rebored is the story of group of super people dealing with human issues. It’s Seinfeld meets Marvel Comics. Its my tribute to the classic comics I used to read back when I was a 10 year old trading them with the neighborhood kids. It will give back to the love of comics that I think is lost now a days.

Heroes Rebored wont focus on a core group of super people but will rotate between heroes, civilians and even bad guys. Some issues will be pure fiction and some will have nuggets of real life experiences carefully concealed. In fact the reason this all came about was to vent my frustration of trying to break into the comics industry and being confined to the universe of self publishers. It came from my frustration of seeing my favorite comic book characters getting their brains blown out in full gory details. It came from seeing women in comics being shoved into a refrigerators. It came from experiencing subtle racial segregation in the comic field. But instead of turning that frustration into something negative, I’ve decided to turn it into something positive.

In the coming months this blog will serve as a documentation of the birth of a comic book. From paper to small press to maybe even more. So if you give me the opportunity, I would very much like to take you on a trip to a time that I think we all shared of pure enjoyment.