Sunday, February 18, 2007

Comic Makers Episode 32!! Its time for some theater!

Episode 32

More and More Reviews! This time Becky and David give their thoughts on...

American Virgin
by Steven T. Seagle and Becky Coonan

Boneyard by Richard Moore

Unlucky by Matthew E. Hawkins (no relation)

Husky by Tony Consiglio and Alex Robinson

Matching Jackets by Robyn Chapman

Hollow Girl by Dean Francis Alfar and Jeremy Arambulo

Animal Stew by Matt Dembicki

And Becky and David get some theater by seeing Kryptonite Hearts written by Charles Battersby and also starring Stephanie Bush, Philip Emeott, Jason Griffith, Dan Hernandez, Walter Hoffman Lizzie Pepper, Lauren Strachan, Marissa Tiamfook, and Jere Williams.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Comic Makers Episode 31! Its all about heart!

Episode 31

In this episode Becky and David interview the creators of Heart Break! Jonathan Rivera & Nick Destefano!!

The guys discuss their history in comics and love!

Check out the Heartbreak Website! Or friend them on Myspace!

Download a FREE preview of this great indie book today!

Update on Heroes Rebored #2!

Heroes Rebored #2 is now in production. If you folks remember Charlie Mangual and i make a nice little comic called Heroes Rebored. Well #1 did so well that we decided to continue the series. I handed in the script to Heroes Rebored #2 to charlie a few weeks ago and he has been hard at work.

Ill be reposting a few of the old character sketches of the main crew who will be staring in issue 2 in future posts. But lets talk about something new. These are two heroes who you will be meeting in Heroes Rebored #2

Both of these characters are based on Lene Taylor and Jungle Kitty the two stars of the Look at his butt podcast!

Can you guess which is which?

Robin Enrico is all MAN!!!

So we fucked up, we assumed Robin Enrico was a girl when we reviewed his wonderful bookcontroller. As you can see he is all man baby!! Much heart felt groveling toward Robin making such a huge fuck up..

David guest stars on Indie Spinner Rack!!!

David was invited to guest star on one of the coolest indie comic podcasts Indie Spinner Rack! Click Here to listen to David talk about making comics, dealing with cons and his encounter with Neal Adams!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Episode 30

Episode 30

In this episode of Comic Makers...

Becky and David review..

Dork #11 by Evan Dorkin
True Travel Tales By Justin Hall
In Search of MegaWoman by Jeremy Arambulo
Controller by Robin Enrico
Paul in the Country by Michel Rabagliati
and Hot Mexican Love Comics by various artists


Becky and David visit the Jewish Museum for their Masters of Comics Exhibit.

Click Here to see Becky's Original Strip!