Thursday, June 29, 2006

Episode 19

Episode 19

Shes baaaaaack!

Yes, Lene Taylor is back and in this episode of Comic Makers, Lene Taylor of the I Read Comics Podcast drops by to share her thoughts on comics and to review some more local books!

To read the awesome PVP strip i was talking about please click here.

I just wanted to share this with everyone...

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my favorite George Lucas interview. Im not a big Star Wars fan, im more of a Treekie to be honest, but Charlie is a huge Lucas fan. So this is for my best friend...

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Saga Continues....

Hey guys!

So I am hard at work with the script of Heroes Rebored #2. But i thought i would take a break to show you all some of what we have come up with so far. The second issue of Heroes Rebored will focus on the ladies of Kirby City. In it we meet Shriek the sonic scream powered superhero.

Shriek is based on my sister so her look was pretty easy to come up with. I threw in a domino mask and I wanted a hooded look. I was thinking about Rogue in the first X-Men movie but i wasn’t really sure where i wanted to go with her. All I knew was that she was in the vain of the old Luke Cage comics from the 1970's.

Charlie took my desing (excuse my 9 year old drawing ability) and made her more urban and conteporary. I really love her look it reminded me of graphitti art I see sometimes.

Now comes Brainy Girl, my favorite character of the bunch. Brainy is just one of those characters that comes to you in the middle of the night that is so vivid that you have to put it to paper. I did this sketch in the middle of the night.

I fell in love with Charlie when he gave this back to me. Just for the x-ray specks i wanted to dry hump him. Hes lucky he lives so far away. I love what he's done with her, its very Mike Allred. I could see Brainy Girl making an appearance in a Madman comic.

Nike is actually a old superhero character I came up with a few years ago when i was brainstorming what eventually became Dead Gods with Juan Lapaix. She was very influenced by the anime series Slayers. She is the Greek goddess of sports, so she has super speed mostly. In mythology she looks like an angel so she has wings but I went against that and as a nod I wanted her goggles to have wings on them.

Charlie gave her the white hair which I thought was a great touch. My only directions in the body types of the women was that I didn't want bad anatomy or cheese cake. At least not for the main characters. I also left up the colors to him which was great because the colors he choose were awesome.

Now here’s the plot so far...

Heroes Rebored #2 focuses on the female heroes of Kirby City, specifically Shriek and her friends Nike and Brainy Girl. Shriek is about to go out on her first date in almost 2 years you see her problem is that her power sonic voice wreaks her love life. Can she get a handle on her powers? Will Nike be sued by the Nike Corporation for copyright infringement? Will any of Brainy's inventions work? Find out in the latest issue of Heroes Rebored!.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Episode 18B

Episode 18B

Its time for more Mocca coverage! As David sits down with....

Alex Robinson creator of Box Office Poison & Tricked!

Keith Knight creator of the K Chronicles!

And Devin T Quin star of "Comic Book The Movie!" (Deleted scene that is) and creator of "Robots R Cool & Zombies R Jerks"

Episode 18A

Episode 18A

Charlie and David report on their trip to New York and their experiences during the Mocca Art Festival!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

David on Indie Spinner Rack...

I was recently on the Indie Spinner Rack podcast during their Mocca Art Festival coverage. Just click here to listen to me.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Big Apple Update!

Well guys I am in the lovely city of New York and I have got to tell you New York is a very intimidating city but it’s also absolutely amazing! I have already hit both Midtown Comics locations and Forbidden Planet both great locations. Midtown is particularly amazing with so many trades, comics, animation and statues that would make any fanboy squeal (believe me I was squealing).

I made sure to pass by the Mocca Museum but sadly I was told that there have been very little cancellations, so I am about 90% sure we won’t get a table. We also will not be issued press badges, can you believe that? Still Charlie and I both plan on doing some interviews and spending all day the con meeting other podcasters not to mention any of our fans who will be attending.

To figure out whom we are just look for a big fat guy with a crummy Comic Makers T-Shirt (those shirt transfers are pretty hard to figure out).

I also wanted to take time out to thank everyone who has taken the time to send us e-mail it’s been great. And also those of you, who are interested in buying our book, please know that I will do everything in my power to get you a copy.

Take Care,

Friday, June 02, 2006

We are done!!!

What you see infront of you is a years worth of hard work. No not my leg! The comic is done people! I can not tell you how good it feels to hold my finished book in my hands. I would say its like having a baby but i will save you the horrible mental image.

I will just say that I hope everyone gets such a feeling once in their lives because its glorious. If you are not lucky enough to attend the YMCA or Mocca Conventions you can e-mail me at and we can work something out so that you can hold the book in your hands as well.